Submit up to six poems. (We often publish poetry in multiples.)

There are no length restrictions. 

Note on irregularly spaced lines and formatting: 
We're very open to poems with unconventional spacing. However, these poems can present a challenge when formatting them for a webpage -- and sometimes things don't look exactly the same to us in Word as they may for you. 

If your poems have irregularly spaced lines (more than just an occasional indented line), please consider one of the following options.

-- Submit your poems using a fixed-width format such as Courier. (We often use a fixed-width font to preserve irregular spacing.) This is our preferred option as spacing will be exactly the same on the webpage as it is in your document.
-- Submit as a .pdf. (Please do not submit conventionally formatted poems in .pdf format.)

Okay! That's it. I look forward to reading your work.

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